How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution - PBT

How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution - PBT
How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution
Welcome Bloggers, in this blog post, I will be demonstrating How to remove powered by Blogger attribution or how to hide ‘Powered by Blogger' attribution in the footer of Google Blogger or Blogspot.
There are many default themes available in Google Blogger or Blogspot, If you are using a theme by Blogger, they have an attribution at the bottom of the blog. By default, Blogger themes include attribution gadget which says 'Powered By Blogger'.  You cannot remove this gadget as it is locked and you can only modify the 'Copyright' section from the widget.

Most of the people dislike it and wants to remove that widget. With the help of this post, you can easily remove the default attribution widget from Blogger. I will demonstrate step by step method to remove ‘Powered by Blogger' attribution from Blogger or Blogspot.

There are two tricks for removing the attribution widget from Blogger or Blogspot. Kindly note that the new Blogger templates may not support trick 1, in that case, you need to follow the trick 2 to remove the attribution widget.

    What is Attribution Widget?

    The Attribution widget is the gadget in the footer of Google Blogger or Blogspot that says 'Powered By Blogger' which means, this website has been developed with the help of Google Blogger.

    Why is the Attribution Widget locked?

    The Attribution Widget acts as a copyright statement which means that this blog is developed with the help of Blogger which is a property of Google. So Google has the right to take the credit for helping you develop a free blog. That is why the attribution widget is locked.

    How to remove powered by Blogger Attribution?

    There are 2 tricks which can help you to remove the attribution. Just follow the tricks and you will be able to remove the 'Powered by Blogger' attribution.

    Will "removing powered by Blogger" impact SEO?

    Chill, removing the widget won't affect SEO of your website, you can remove it without worrying about SEO.
    Advice: It is highly recommended to backup your existing template before customizing or making changes to your template as if something goes wrong, you can restore your original template.
    Follow the below tricks to remove Powered by Blogger attribution

    Trick 1 - Remove Powered by Blogger by unlocking the Attribution widget

    1. Log in to your Blogger.

    2. Select Template or Theme and Click on 'BACKUP' to backup the existing template then Click on 'EDIT HTML'.

    3. Click on 'Jump to Widget' menu option and select  'Attribution 1' there you will find this code 
    <b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>

    4. Just replace the locked=’true’ to locked=’false’ and click on save the template.

    5. Now navigate to Layout option - attribution gadget - click on edit and then click on the remove button.

    6. You are all done! Open the blog and see the magic, the attribution widget has been successfully removed.

    In case this trick is not working in your blogger templates, then try the trick 2 to hide attribution widget by using CSS code.

    Trick 2 - Hide ‘Powered by Blogger’ by using CSS

    1. Log in to your Blogger

    2. Select Template or Theme and Click on 'EDIT HTML'.

    3. Hit CTRL+F and search for body {

    4. Add the below CSS code  just above the body {
    #Attribution1 {display: none;}
    5. Click on "Save" and view your blog. Boom! attribution widget in the footer of your Blogspot is no longer visible.


    I hope, you found this post on How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution from Google blogger helpful.
    If you encounter any error or issues comment below and I would help you to figure it out.

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    1. Option number 1 "doesn't work" in the new theme (Essential Light).
      After removing and saving I refresh the page and they come back!

      My Theme Blog:

      1. Carefully follow the steps again, if it doesn't work than try the second method. I hope it works for you.

    2. 2nd option works !! Thankyou so much