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If you are looking to write high-quality plagiarism-free content, Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool facilitates you from every aspect.

How To Write Plagiarism Free Content Using Paraphrasing Tool

Whether you are attempting to advance academically or professionally, selecting software that is used for source code plagiarism detection makes a tremendous impact.

You often complain that you stuck while doing this practice and left with no another option than copy-pasting someone’s already written article.

Manual paraphrasing, in reality, is time-consuming and tough. First of all, you read the passage several times to understand the central idea. Secondly, you note down key points graphing a, b, and c draft.

Later, you write it in own your own words without looking at the original.  Then you compare the paraphrased text with the original to delete similarities.

You give references at the end. Contrarily, an online paraphrasing tool helps you to rewrite stolen material as creative in a single glance.

The positive point is that this rewritten content is considered unique to Google. Thus your own original content brings organic traffic to your site.

The paraphrasing tool has all the essential features to update plagiarism-free content. Here what you are going to explore is: what is plagiarism, which task is not plagiarized. 

The meaning of paraphrase and its importance and finally step-wise implementation of the Prepostseo paraphrasing tool. So, let’s start with the definition of plagiarism.

    What is plagiarism?

    Plagiarism is cheating or passing off another author’s work as your own. It is an immoral act.

    Which task is not plagiarized?

    A well-cited and referenced work is not plagiarized. By citing and referencing, you let your readers know that the idea is not yours.

    Meaning of paraphrase and its importance

    According to Merriam-webster, the paraphrase is a restatement of a text, paragraph, or work giving the meaning in another form. In general meaning, it means to rephrase written documents in your own words.

    By paraphrasing, you actually are proving that you comprehend the argument from the source, you are referring to.

    It gives you the liberty to convey the exact same ideas differently. It is also worth noting that in the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association, paraphrasing is considered as an example of adaptation.

    This is referred to as modifying a text in a way that suits a new purpose. Further, it helps you dig deeper into meaning.

    Why we Need a Paraphrasing Tool?

    We need a paraphrasing tool due to unlimited points that are:

    • To understand the source well

    It is essential because it demonstrates to you and your customer that you have adequately understood the source to jot it down in your own words.

    • The easiest way to get plagiarism-free content

    However, it may not be easy for you to add information from another source directly without getting your work plagiarized. Therefore, using a paraphrasing tool is the easiest way to avoid the plagiarism trap.

    • A source of extensive vocabulary

    It is a source of an extensive vocabulary and ultimately fixes plagiarism issues in your text.

    • Beneficial for high search engine ranking

    Paraphrasing tool, via editing, innovate your copied post without lowering the power of keyword structure.

    It helps to enhance your site rating and makes it visible for maximum reach. To add, google prefers to give top rankings to plagiarism-free content.

    • Preserves the original significance of your content

    It preserves the original significance of your content. It is like explaining information in your own writing style.

    • Grabs the attention of customers

    Have you ever thought about the reason why the customers choose another site over you? It is because they always come up with unique content and information.

    Would you visit a site that publishes material you have already read? Obviously, you would never plan to revisit it.

    Plagiarized content ruins the trust of your site in the eyes of readers. Therefore, we need paraphrasing tools to publish plagiarism-free content.

    • Saves your time

    It saves your time and brainstorms itself to produce unique content.

    • Available free online

    It is available free online.

    • Available 24 hours

    It is available 24 hours regardless of where you are around the planet.

    • Summarizes content

    It summarizes your content.

    • Supports 10+ languages

    It helps the users with 10 + languages. Many analysts are of the view that human translators are no more needed in 2021 as technology is advancing day by day.

    • Ensures natural text flow

    It ensures natural text flow. It appears as a human being is speaking with you in a friendly way.

    Stepwise practical implementation of paraphrasing tool

    After opening the paraphrasing tool, choose one of these options: simple, advanced, fluency, or creative mode.

    Then copy-paste the text in the input box or select a file to upload. Later, click on the green paraphrase button.

    It would highlight words that require replacing with grammar check and content summary. Besides, it has 10+ language options too.

    In a nutshell, after gaining a realistic understanding of the need for an online paraphrase, we hope that you will hand-pick the best paraphrasing tool.


    In a nutshell, after gaining a realistic understanding of the need of an online paraphrase, we hope that you will hand-pick the best Paraphrasing Tool.

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