How To Enable Gzip Compression For Blogger/Blogspot

This post will help you to enable Gzip Compression for Blogger/Blogspot. Gzip Compression is a text compression which will boost your Blog's page speed. 

How to enable Gzip Compression for Blogger
Gzip Compression for Blogger

Do you want to enable Gzip compression for Blogger template? By enabling Gzip compression, you can improve your blog’s loading time. 

Page loading speed plays an important role in ranking in the Search Engine Results Page, Google also gives importance to a faster loading website. 

Today in this blog post, we will tell you How to Enable Gzip Compression in Blogger. But first, let's understand what exactly is GZip. Jump to 7 if you just want to know how to enable Gzip.

What does Gzip mean?

Gzip (GNU zip) is a free and open source algorithm developed by the GNU Project for file compression.

What is Gzip compression?

Gzip is a form of compression method to reduce the number of HTTP request size (making files smaller) and thereby decreasing the page load time.
GZip Compresses text files such as HTML, Javascript and CSS. Not all browser supports Gzip compression but most of the modern browser does support Gzip. Using Gzip and client-side caching will increase the website's performance.

How much compression does Gzip do?

Gzip offers a range of (1 - 9) compression levels. Level 1 offers the fastest compression speed and  Level 9 offers the slowest compression speed.

Is Gzip lossy or lossless?

Gzip is Lossless type of compression method. Examples of other lossless compression include Brotli, WebP, and PNG.

How effective is Gzip compression?

Compressing your HTML, Javascript and CSS files with Gzip saves around 50% to 80% of the file size. This means it takes less time to load your pages.

How to enable Gzip Compression for Blogger?

Follow the below steps to enable Gzip Compression for Blogger.

1. Log in to your Blogger Account.

2. Go to Theme and click on "Edit HTML"

3. Search the following code <!DOCTYPE html> and  add the below code just before it.
<?php if (substr_ count($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'],'gzip'))ob_start("ob_gzhandler");else ob_ start();?>
4. Finally, click on "Save Theme"

5. Voila!!! You have successfully enabled GZIP Compression in Blogger/Blogspot.

Video Tutorial

How do I know if Gzip is enabled?

You can check whether Gzip compression is enabled on your website with the help of Gzip Checker.


Don’t wait for slow page speed to affect your website overall SEO performance. Check your website to determine if GZIP compression is enabled or not. If not, follow the above guide to enable Gzip in Blogger. If you find any difficulties or errors in implementing then do comment, I will love to help you out.

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