How To Backup Blogger Blog - The Easiest Guide

Learn how to backup Blogger blog. Ultimate Blogspot backup guide. Don't lose your blog and your content because of a catastrophe. Backup before it's too late.
Backup Blogger Blog or Blogger backup
How to Backup Blogger Blog

Regularly backing up your Blogger blog is essential for your blog’s health. Think of it as good blogging practice! You should make a daily habit to backup blogger blog.

Why You Should Backup Blogger Blog?

One simple, yet crucial, reason: If you have a Blogger backup,  it’s easier to get back to blogging in case of a Crash or Calamity.

Someone can get hack your blog, templates can get corrupted, servers can go offline… it happens, having a Blogger backup will help you out to recover your stuff.

You may never experience those blog-disrupting events and I hope you don’t, they’re worst. But, it’s better to take precaution and how about the old classic “Better safe than sorry”.

Plus it’s super easy to backup blogger blog, you really have no excuse not to!

When you make your Blogger backup, you’ll want to save your template and your content (posts, pages, images, videos) so that you’re super secured in the event something goes horribly wrong with your blog.

It’s also a great idea to backup before you change to a new template or add any new codes to your blog.

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Where to keep Your Blogger Backup?

Let us talk about where you are going to keep those backup files before we proceed ahead. You should keep one backup copy of your blog locally on your computer hard disk.

You should also keep another backup copy over the internet at some cloud storage. A backup copy of your blog will save you if your backup files on the computer are corrupted or get accidentally deleted (or if your computer system meets an untimely end).

You can save your backup files in Google Drive, to make sure that your files will be safe online.
How to Save backup Blogger Blog Content

On Google Blogger, your blog is made of 2 pieces. Your blog content consists of posts, pages, images, videos, etc. These are the parts of your Blogger blog that will be the same doesn't matter how many times you change your blogger template.

Your blogger template consists of HTML, CSS and JS component that gives your blog professional look, the way you want to customise It’s important to back up both, the content as well as the template of your blog.

How to backup Blogger Blog Content? 

How to backup Blogger Blog Content

  1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Settings and click on Other.
  3. Under the "Import & back up" section, click the "backup Content" option.
  4. Click on "Save to your computer" button
  5. Your backup file will now be saved in your computer.
Don’t forget to make a copy of your backup in your online Cloud storage location!

How to backup your Blogger blog Theme/Template?

  1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Theme section at the bottom.
  3. Click on the Backup/Restore button.
  4. Then click  on the "Download theme" button
  5. Your theme backup file will now be saved in your computer.
Don’t forget to make a copy of your backup in your online Cloud storage location!    

Video Tutorial

And that’s it! You’re Saved!

Not so difficult, right?
Now that you have done it, schedule for next backup. A good thumb rule is to back up your content every three months and back up your theme/template whenever you make a template change.


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