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 How to Create Favicon for Blogger
How to Create Favicon for Blogger

A favicon may just look like a small piece of graphic for your blog design, but it packs a vital punch. Customised favicon adds a finishing touch to your blog design and adding also acts as branding for your blog. If your blog doesnt have a custom favicon, then check this tutorial on how to create favicon for Blogger.

    First of all, What is a Favicon in Blogger?

    Favicon means "favourite icon". it is a small little icon located next to your website or webpage name in the browsers tab. A favicon is used to visually identify and represent a website or blog.
    Blogger has a custom favicon by default,  users can change or add their custom favicon in Blogger.

    What is favicon used for?

    A favicon is a tiny 16×16 pixel icon located at the top of a browser. It acts as branding for your blog or website. Because of their small size, favicons work best as a simple image or few characters of text.

    Is favicon necessary?

    A favicon makes websites which are bookmarked identifiable. Favicons are important as they act as branding for your blog or website, it also adds a professional touch to your website or blog.

    What size favicon should I use?

    A favicon should be of 16x16 pixel since it gets displayed next to the URL of your website or blog. The 16x16 pixel size for favicon is suitable for most of the web browsers.

    How to create favicon for Blogger?

    Many bloggers know how to use photoshop, but there are also people who don't know how to use it, So for them, I have an easy method to create a custom favicon for Blogger with the help of favicon generator for blogger.

    Before moving ahead, keep these guidelines to create Blogger favicon in mind.
    • Use a single image: A favicon isn’t the right place to combine too many graphical elements. Simpler works better, so use only one image for a favicon.
    • Use a few letters: Users will not be able to read a full word in favicon. So it's better to use only initials of your blog or website and stick to a few letters only.
    • Shapes: Most of the website uses square shape favicon, but now people have started using circle shapes for a favicon. It's totally up to you to choose your preferred shape of the favicon, I personally prefer circle-shaped favicon.

    So how to create favicon for blogger?

    Method 1: You can create a favicon with the help of editing software like Adobe photoshop but for that, you will need editing skills, lots of time as well as efforts.

    Method 2: The easiest and quickest method to create a custom favicon for blogger is to use a favicon generator for blogger.

    How to use favicon generator for blogger?

    Follow these simple steps to generate your own custom favicon for Blogger.

    1. Go to https://favicon.io, it's free and easy to use

    2. Select any one option, I prefer to "Generate from Text" option

    3. Enter letters which you would like to add to favicon.

    4. Customize the shape, font family, font size, font colour and background colour as per your need.

    5. After customizing, click on save. The favicon generator for blogger will automatically generate a favicon of 16x16 pixels.

    6. That's it, now you have learned how to create favicon for Blogger and you have successfully created your own custom favicon for Blogger.

    How do I add a favicon to Blogger?

    If you don't know how to add your custom favicon for Blogger then check out this tutorial on How to Change Favicon in Blogger.


    While designing the blog, we all want to make sure that we don’t miss out any of the details, even the smallest ones. It’s not that difficult to create a favicon for blogger and it’s one small thing that shows that our blog is professional.

    Do let me know in the comments section, if you need my help to create favicon for blogger and if you have any questions or have suggestions, please share with us!
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