Guide To Add Social Content Locker Plugin In Blogger 2022

Social content locker plugin for Blogger or Share to Unlock Content is a Blogspot plugin which helps to increase likes and share on the social media
Social Content locker for Blogger
Guide to add social content locker for blogger 2020

A new blogger who publishes high-quality original content faces issue, people visit their blog posts but don't share them. To counter this problem, I am going to share Social content locker plugin for Blogger plugin.

We all cant ignore the power of social media which can bring lots of traffic to our website. But nowadays people don't share blog posts on social media until and unless you are a professional old blogger. So for them, Social content locker will be a good strategy ton bring likes and shares.

What is a Social Content Locker?

Social content locker is a plugin for Blogger based on JavaScript which will help bloggers to increase likes and share of your blog post on the social media platform.

How do Social Content Locker works?

Whenever a user wants to download your file, he/she will have to click either Like, Share or Tweet in order to download the file.

What are the benefits of using Social Content Locker Blogspot plugin?

  • People will Like our post, thus increasing likes on Facebook
  • People will tweet our posts, thus increasing our Twitter popularity.
  • People will share our posts, thus increasing traffic to our website.
  • This will also help in better Search ranking as Google will see that users are sharing and liking your posts.
  • Alexa ranking will also increase as your web traffic will increase.

Are there any disadvantages of share to unlock content script?

If you enable Social Content Locker on each and every post then your visitors may get irritated and might leave your blog, thus increasing the bounce rate of your blog.

How to add Social Content Locker for Blogger plugin?

The process is divided into 2 parts, first editing the HTML template and second is to edit the post/page where you want to add share to unlock content script. Follow the below steps to Add Social Content Locker in Blogger.
  • Editing the HTML template
Share to unlock content for Blogger

Step 1. Log into your Blogger dashboard.
Step 2. Scroll down and click on Template and then click on EDIT HTML.
Step 3.Search for </Head> tag and paste the below JQuery code just above it. If you already have JQuery script then you don't need to add it again.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>   
Step 4. Now copy the below code and paste it just above </head> tag and you are done with the editing part of HTML Template.
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>  
 <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>  
 <script type='text/javascript'>  
  $('.socialLocker .to-lock').sociallocker({  
   buttons: {order:["facebook-like","twitter-tweet"]},  
   twitter: {url:""},  
   facebook: {url:""},  
   text: {  
    header: "Like us To Unlock This Content",  
    message: "This content is locked. Like us on Facebook or share us on Twitter to unlock it."  
   locker: {close: false, timer: 0,},  
   theme: "secrets"  
Note: Replace Twitter link with your own link and change Facebook page URL with your FB page URL.

  • Editing the Post/Page
Step 1. Log into your Blogger dashboard.
Step 2. Click on a new post or if you want to add the share to unlock content script in a page then click on a new page.
Step 3. Then switch to HTML Editor and paste the below code where you want to add the Social Content Locker.
Step 4. After adding the code click on publish and Boom!!! 
<article class="socialLocker">  
<div class="to-lock" style="display:none;">  
Hidden Content
Note: Replace "Hidden Content" with your desired text or link.

Conclusion on Social Content Locker for Blogger

Social Content Locker HTML code or Share to Unlock Content script is an effective way to improve Likes and shares on social media platforms. But it has its own disadvantages as well, it can sometimes irritate your visitors and can lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your blog.

So, always remember the benefits and drawback of using Social Content Locker and I would suggest using Share to unlock Content plugin for blogs or websites which offers free content or provide free downloads.

I hope you have successfully managed to install  Social Content Locker for Blogger with the help of this post. If you this tutorial has helped you, then do consider sharing this and if you find difficulties in installing then leave a comment below, I will definitely help you out. 

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