Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Guide | Free SEO tool for website

Ahrefs has recently launched the Ahrefs Webmaster Tool which is a free SEO auditing tool that can be highly beneficial for your website.
Guide to Ahrefs Webmaster Tool
Free SEO tool - Ahrefs Webmaster Tool

Ahrefs has recently launched the Ahrefs Webmaster Tool which is a free SEO auditing tool that can be highly beneficial for your website. Read the full post to know more.

Ranking and being on the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is very important for any business to attract more inbound traffic to their website and increase their sales.

This race to reach the top of the search engine rankings can be won by applying effective SEO (search engine optimization) practices.

One may believe that paid promotions can help attract higher inbound traffic, but the truth is that effective SEO strategies can be more helpful for better visibility, improved traffic, and lead generation.

Ahrefs has recently launched the Ahrefs Webmaster Tool which is a free SEO auditing tool that can be highly beneficial for your website. This Ahref webmaster tool can help your website with various SEO strategies; it will help you stay updated on every issue on your website.

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What is Ahrefs Webmaster Tool?

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool is a completely free SEO auditing tool that can help in analyzing your websites’ SEO performance. It also helps in detecting any issues which are hindering the overall performance of the website.

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that is currently being used by millions of users who either own a website, blog, business, etc. The tool has over 10 Million websites store in their database system.

Some of the common features of the Ahrefs Webmaster tool are:

  • Domain Overview
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Ranking Checker
  • Backlinking Analysis
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Organic Traffic Checker
  • Disawov Link Tool

Is Ahref free?

Registering with Ahref is not free; you can register with the minimum $99 per month Lite plan. There are many other plan options which you can choose from according to your requirements. Once you have registered your website with Ahref, then you can access all its SEO tools for free.

Is Ahrefs Webmaster Tool-free?

Ahrefs Webmaster tool is free for website owners (owners will need to verify their ownership over the website before using it), it gives website owners free limited access to Site Explorer and Site Audit.

What are the benefits of using Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

There are many benefits to using Ahrefs Webmaster Tool (AWT) on your website. Not only it helps in improving the SEO strategies, but it also offers important information about your current settings.

Some of the key benefits of Ahrefs Webmaster Tool (AWT) are:

  1. SEO Audit tool

SEO Audit Tool is one of the Ahref SEO tools; it scans your website for more than 100 common SEO issues which may be responsible for your website’s poor ranking on the search engines. 

The tool automatically sorts the predefined issues and prints report in the form of measurable charts and colourful graphics.  

The tool also provides insights on how to fix the pertaining issues and to maintain the website’s SEO health over time.

  1. Domain Overview

Once you have registered with Ahref, you can access and analyze your complete domain for free. You can check everything right from functionality to backlink tracking etc with the Ahrefs Webmaster tool. However, you can do the analysis only for your registered domain and not others.

  1. Organic Keywords Ranking

With just a few clicks AWT helps you to view all the keywords for which your website or content is currently ranking. 

You can also come to know about their estimated monthly search volume. You can compare it with the competitor's website and see where you are placed in the search engine rankings. 

SEO metrics like Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and Traffic Value help in understanding the website’s SEO potential.

  1. Backlinking

This report from AWT allows you to view which website or page is linking to you, the page or website they are linked to, the anchor text they have used and the strength of the link. With the help of this report, you can ask the website or webpage linking to your website to improve their anchor text, for better results. 

If there are backlinks that are responsible for fines being imposed on your webpage or website, then you can track them and remove the link. The report helps in finding links to various forums that can be sponsored or you can search for new backlinks options. 

The tool offers a third-party backlink crawler which helps in gaining actionable insights in the form of user-friendly reports and filters, from all your inbound and outbound link profiles.

  1. Content Gap Analysis

This helps in ranking the keywords used by competitors and where your content ranks. This Ahref SEO tool helps in comparing data of 3 participants. 

The Content Gap tool helps in finding hidden keywords which can be high ranking and you may not have used in your content.

Google Search Console Vs. Ahrefs Webmaster Tool. Which is better?

You might think what is the difference between Google Search Console and Ahrefs Webmaster Tool or why should I use AWT over GSC.?    

Check out the below points to know the difference.

  • SEO issues: AWT provides monitoring of  100 +  SEO issues while GSC detects only a few SEO issues.
  • Broken Link Checker: You can check Broken Link data in Ahrefs Webmaster Tool, while Google Search Console doesn't have this feature.
  • Domain Ranking: AWT provides Domain ranking and Page ranking data of your website while GSC doesn't provide it.
  • Backlink Types: AWT provides in detail report of your backlinks, like which one is Dofollow and which is nofollow, but GSC only provides backlinks data and not the link types. 
  • Keywords: In Google Search Console, you can view the max of 1000 keywords data while Ahref webmaster Tool shows all the known keywords data for which your website in ranking.
  • Competitor Data: You cannot see the competitors data in GSC while Ahrefs Webmaster Tool allows you to check your competitor data.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool Verdict

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool is similar to Google Search Console, it is a tool which offers off-page and on-page SEO data for verified websites. 

The tool is packed with several useful SEO tips features that are highly beneficial for the website. The best part is that this very useful SEO auditing tool is free for website owners.


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