What Is XYZ Domain? Is XYZ Domain Safe in 2022?

This article will give answers to all your questions regarding the XYZ domain such as what is XYZ domain? is XYZ domain safe?
What Is XYZ domain and why you should go for XYZ domain

Do you know what's the 5th most popular domain is? It's XYZ, the most popular generic top-level domain. It was available in 2019 after domains like org, info, com, net. Currently, there are almost around 30 lakh domain names that are registered with XYZ.

This article will give answer all your questions regarding the XYZ domain such as what is XYZ domain? Is XYZ domain safe? Is XYZ a top-level domain? etc

A country code top-level domain which is also known as cctld/gTLD gives an impression that the content could be used by anybody all around the world. Whereas Gtld, they are not any country-specific or region-specific. XYZ is a Gtld type of domain.

Local domains that are country or region specific also known as geo-targeting can be called ccTLD. On June 2,2014 a new generic top-level domain XYZ was proposed by ICANN. We can say that a short, easy to remember domain - XYZ is truly generic.

What is the XYZ domain?

XYZ domain represents nothing but affordability and self-determination. It also has taken a step into the future which clearly resonates with generation Y and Z of which the owner Daniel and the users in bulk reported that was getting almost around 3000 new registrants per day.

Also, it wasn’t far from getting 10,000 registrants every day. According to research in 2019, the XYZ domain has grown almost 40% in context with the registrations. Also, this domain has become one of the world’s favorites' which ends in top spot in usage across all.

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What is .XYZ domain used for?

XYZ is a domain, which can be used for your blog, website, or even e-commerce website. It means that the brand of your business should be the focus of the domain name. It is a generic unique domain name, so go ahead and make your website’s domain name XYZ!

Is .XYZ Safe to Use?

Like all the new products, trusting a new domain like XYZ also seems risky to a few website owners. Because of the unfamiliarity among new users, they find it difficult to trust the new domain.

They feel if they use this domain there are high chances of their website getting hacked by hackers. Therefore they feel it’s easier to trust the extension of .com than to use the XYZ domain.

But like all the new products the new domain would also be required to be tried and to be trusted. Also, many big companies have now migrated to XYZ domains because now they are able to get one-word domains.

In fact, the parent company of Google (ALPHABET INC.) has chosen its URL to be abc.xyz then of course it has to be good for search engine results. I hope after reading this you wouldn’t mind getting XYZ domain for your website.

Can XYZ domain rank on Google?

You can rank your blog or website using any domain. If your SEO is good, your website or blog will rank, no matter which domain extension you are using. 

If you think XYZ domain won't rank then check my blog using any SEO software. My blog PBT ranks for many keywords. Also, check the below screenshot of Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Screenshot

Is XYZ domain SEO friendly?

It becomes really difficult for business owners to understand the in and out of SEO optimization. But on the contrary, when it comes to SEO and domain, the thing which should be considered is branding.

Businesses should keep their options open. You should definitely look beyond the most commonly used domain which is undoubtedly the domain .com.

Instead, try registering with a domain name with a new extension, specifically one which focuses on your products, target market, etc.

So definitely you can consider XYZ domain as SEO-friendly domain as it is a top-level domain and since google approves top-level domains you can definitely go for the XYZ domain name.

Why are XYZ domains so cheap?

The price for XYZ is set to be as 10$ per year which includes creation, renewal, and also transfer plus it also includes ICANN fees. 

Transfers would automatically add 1 year on your domain’s expiry date and also add years that could be added at checkout. XYZ is extremely affordable and is also the fresh choice for the new generation of domain names.

Is Xyz a good domain?

When we talk about domains, .com and XYZ both the domains are pretty good. But XYZ domain is newer as compared to .com. though the popularity of .com is much more, that does not at all make XYZ domain not worthy. You can undoubtedly choose the XYZ domain for your website.

Who owns the XYZ domain?

The domain XYZ is owned by Daniel Negari. He’s the founder and chief executive officer of xyz.com which is an internet domain registry.

How do I get a XYZ domain?

It’s actually pretty simple to get your free XYZ domain. All you need to do is visit this link and follow the process given on the website.

Will XYZ be the top-level domain of the future?

The owner, the entrepreneur of this XYZ domain, Daniel Negari says 99% of domain name searches are displayed as not available-which means they are already taken. 

That is the actual reason why people use drop vowels, purposely misspell words and sometimes even add extra words to get close to a name you actually desire to have.

You wouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that of more than 250 million domain names that are registered, 113 million domain names are .com. Now that’s the reason you cannot get the names you want as .com, so if you choose a XYZ domain right now you wouldn’t be in a problem.

According to Negari, XYZ will be the default domain name extensions for all the next generations. He also says that "Everyone already knows that you end the alphabet with 'XYZ,' and soon everyone will know that you end a domain name the same way."

Why you should go for the XYZ domain?

If there’s one reason for you to choose XYZ I would give but there aren’t one there are many.

  • XYZ domains are extremely short.
  • When we talk about the XYZ domain it isn’t restricted to a specific meaning like some other domain extensions which depict a specific location, demography or any particular industry.
  • It isn’t at all language difficult so it , It transcends language barriers.
  • How can someone not remember XYZ ? so you don’t even have to worry that anyone would ever forget your name or your email id or your website’s name.


Speaking as of now, XYZ is the 4th largest domain obviously after popular domains like .com, .net, and obviously .org. the popularity of XYZ got even bigger when Google’s parent company named Alphabet took XYZ domain. 

Despite of much popularity, people still doubt the XYZ domain but I would suggest you can happily buy a domain ending with XYZ. Comment down your favorite domains and let me know what you think about XYZ domain.


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