4 Best Text Summarizing Tools for Article Writing

You can find many tools that help you in summarizing your content. In this post I will be sharing 4 best text summarizing tools for article writing.
Best Text Summarizing Tools for Article Writing

You can find many tools that help you in summarizing your content and those are also helpful in article writing.

First of all, make it clear that when you are going to write an article, you need to be precise and clear about your idea.

You don’t need to expand your content by adding fictional facts in your article so, make it precise and clear.

The most important thing is when your readers find inaccurate data, they will never trust you again. You can go for an AI-based text summarization tool because it is more engaging and useful.

What are AI-based summarizing tools?

We have two types of tools that are simple and AI-based text summarizers. As we mentioned above that ai summarizers are more beneficial.

The working of these tools is way very efficient like it will highlight the important lines first and add them to the content.

This helps to keep the important things included in your summary and can exclude some unimportant sentences.

Sometimes, a line is repeatedly used in an article, and with the help of an ai-based tool, we can easily remove the duplication.

Best text Summarizing Tools

We are living in a whole new world of IT where we have many things accessible with a single click.

And we can easily find hundreds of text summarizers that can help you regarding the generation of summaries.

But giving a try and find the best one is somehow time-consuming and that’s why we have shortlisted the best tools for you.

These tools are easy to use, easy to access, and free of cost so, you can easily pick one of them and generate the summaries in less time.

  1. Summarizer.org

When we talk about the best summary generators then it is not possible to miss summarizer.org. 

The reason for discussing this tool at first is to show the efficiency and accuracy given by this summary generator.

 It has some of the additional features that will be very helpful in making your article the best and according to your requirements.

Due to the advanced algorithms, your content will be read thoroughly and important lines must be highlighted.

The reason for highlighting important lines is to make content more meaningful without changing the idea of the context.

If you want to generate a summary in no time then you should go for this tool.

Pros & cons


  • You can set summary length
  • Bullets can be used
  • Highlight the best line
  • Keep the meaning the same


  • Artificial intelligence is not used

  1. Summarizingtool.net

Summarizingtool.net is one of the finest summary generators that has the simplest interface and everyone can easily access this tool.

All you need to do is copy an article then paste it in the input field and you are all set to get the results.

We can upload the file in four formats that are .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf. These four file formats are available in this tool.

Two options are available i.e., copying the text and upload a file from your laptop, you can go for any of them.

Pros & cons


  • Free to use
  • Ai based text summarizer
  • No words count 
  • Can upload content
  • Four file formats are available


  • Summary size cannot be set
  • No option of showing bullets
  • Cannot highlight the best line

  1. Summarize bot

If you prefer to use a free and fast text summarizer then you can go for it. These types of tools are mostly designed for students and being free of cost can be a good option for them.

The interface of this tool is very clear and simple and you don’t need to search for things about it. 

And the good thing about this summary generator is you can easily use multiple languages like PDF, DOC, and JPEG file format.

You can also set the length of your summary and that can be a rare feature when you are going to use a free version.

Pros & cons


  • Unlimited word count
  • No advertisements
  • You can import/export files using URL
  • Summary length can be set
  • Multiple language options


  • Doesn’t contain a web version

  1. Split-brain

Split-brain comes along with 39 languages in which we can generate a summary. This feature of having that many languages are very rare.

The good thing about this paraphraser is that it is free and has all the advanced features.

You can use this tool without any type of registration and there are no ads that are something really good.

Are you worried to generate a summary of a lengthy article? This tool has unlimited words count and you can also set summary length.

The summary length may vary from 20 to 80% depending on your content.

Pros & cons


  • No words count limit
  • You don’t need to register
  • Free of cost
  • You can import files from the URL
  • It supports 39 languages


  • You cannot upload a file

Bottom line

When you are going to write articles, you need to share your ideas in a precise way and this can be possible with the help of tools.

We have shared some of the best text summarizers that can surely help you regarding summarization. The good thing about these tools is, they will keep your content unique and meaningful as well.