What Are Labels In Blogger And How To Use Them?

What are labels in Blogger? Labels can be used to organise your posts. In this post I will be sharing how to use labels in Blogger/ Blogspot..
What Are Labels In Blogger

People often ask what are labels in Blogger and how to use them? Many people use labels in the wrong way. They try to stuff several keywords in labels which is very wrong. This post will cover all the things related to labels in Blogger. 

What are labels in Blogger?

Just like we have categories in WordPress, we have labels in Blogger. Basically, categories or labels, both are the same. The main purpose of them is to sort or categorize your posts. By categorizing the right posts using the right labels, your visitors can easily find the topic that they are willing to read.

Let's understand Labels with an example.

If you check my blog, there are five main categories. Namely 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet
  • SEO
  • Blogger
  • Youtube

So now if any user wants to learn about SEO, he/she can simply visit the SEO label and it will show all the posts which are tagged with SEO label.

How to add labels in Blogger blog posts?

It's actually very simple to add labels in blogs. There is a label section at the right sidebar of the post editor. Just add the label you want to add for your post there. Refer to the below image for info.

How to add labels in Blogger - Demo

How to use labels in Blogger?

I have seen many bloggers stuffing keywords in place of labels, thinking it will be beneficial to add them. But in reality, labels are set to noindex by default in Blogger. This means your labels won't get indexed in Google and thus won't give you any SEO benefits. I will strongly recommend not to stuff keywords in labels

You have to understand that Labels are used to enhance user navigation and help users and not search engines.

Categorizing your posts using labels will help users to easily navigate your blog. So make sure you add only relevant labels in a single post. Not to add more than 3 labels.

Where to add labels in Blogger?

The best practice is to use labels as navigation. Adding your labels as a navigation menu will tell your visitors that about which categories you write blogs.

Another practice is to use labels in the sidebar. You can easily add labels in the sidebar by adding the official Blogger labels gadget.


Labels are a great way to organize your blog posts. If you labelled your blog posts well, your visitors can search for them easily and your blog will be better organized.

In the end, I would only say that make sure that you are using labels just to improve user navigation and not for any SEO purpose as it don't have any SEO benefit. I hope this post has clear all your doubts regarding what are labels in Blogger and how to add them. If you still have any concerns about labels then do comment below, I would love to help you.


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