5 Guaranteed Ways Videos Can Drive Traffic & Conversions To Website

How can a video become so impactful as a marketing tool? Here are 5 guaranteed ways videos can drive traffic and conversion to website or blog.
5 Guaranteed Ways Videos Can Drive Traffic & Conversions To Website

Videos have become the most effective way to gain attention from audiences. As video is continuing to grow in popularity each year, it has now become the most favoured way as a marketing tool to drive traffic and conversion on websites.

According to the statistics provided by Breadnbeyond, there has been a significant rise in the use of video as a marketing medium from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020. 

A solid reason has been reported that video marketing provides marketers with positive results in their sales. This trend is most likely predicted to continue in the future years.

However, how can a video become so impactful as a marketing tool? To answer that question, here are 5 guaranteed ways videos can drive traffic and conversion to websites.

The Power of Video on Landing Page

A landing page - also referred to as a homepage, is a good place to embed a video. It can be a profile video or the main product of the company itself. Sometimes, it is best to use explainer videos to gain the attention of visitors.

Most of the time, visitors come to the homepage when they visit a website, that is why adding video on it is a great strategy. Not only video, but you can also add text or other important elements on the page.

Explainer Video to Raise Traffic and Conversion

As mentioned before, using an explainer video is a great idea to gain the attention of visitors. A clear and straightforward explanation as the charms of an explainer video is suitable for nowadays audiences.

Giving audiences a solid preview of a product they are expecting to buy can raise the conversion rate. According to Wordstream, 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service

In addition, Explainer video is reported to make 52% of people convinced to buy a product, as reported by Internet Retailer

Video to Boost Your SEO Ranking

There has been a believed rumour that Google prioritized video search results, including websites that embed video. It would be a jackpot if your website came up on the first page of a Google search.

If you hit the jackpot, your SEO ranking for organic search will build up. Approximately 39% of worldwide eCommerce traffic comes from search – with 35% of traffic being organic and only 4% of it through paid search ads.

As your SEO ranking improves, more visitors will come and recognize your website, in other words, higher traffic that soon leads to conversion

Video for Digital Ads to Drive Traffic

Another way to drive traffic and conversion to your website is by doing paid media, such as digital ads. It also helps you to find targeted audiences on social media.

It is believed that paid video digital ads are more engaging than static display ads. As target customers are able to obtain as much information from the captivating visuals and a compelling narrative. 

Using a free video ad maker you can create video digital ads which will help your customers to acquire as much information from the visuals.

When targeted customers find the ads helpful, they will come to your website and traffic happens. As cited from Wordstream, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.

Interactive Video to Drive Traffic and Conversion

An interactive presentation video can also be a shortcut to drive traffic and raise conversion. Different from general videos, an interactive video allows audiences to do calls to action directly. 

The point of an interactive video is that it provides a link to your website at key moments when your audiences are fully engaged. It can be a good innovation for your marketing strategy since targeted customers are just a click away.

By clicking the link on the video, people can directly go to your website where they can purchase your products.

Bottom Line

It has been proven that video is more favourable to people in recent years. Compared to blocks of text, eye-grabbing visuals and convincing narration are more efficient to deliver messages to targeted customers.

Using video as a marketing tool to raise traffic and conversion is predicted to be the trend in future years. Therefore, knowing what best to do for your website or blog is a wise move for the best sales ahead.


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