How To Add Meta Description In Blogger Blog

This post is all about meta description tags and how to add meta description in blogger in just 30 seconds.
How To Add Meta Description In Blogger
How To Add Meta Description In Blogger 

Meta description in Blogger is disabled by default because of which people using Google Blogger

In this blog post, I am going to share the easiest method on how to add meta description in blogger post. With the help of this post, you will be able to add meta description in Blogspot post within 30 seconds, I know it sounds interesting and exciting.

NOTE: If you don't want to read more about meta title and meta description in Blogspot then jump to How to add meta description in Blogger section from the below table of contents. Before moving ahead first, let us understand more about what are meta tags in Blogger and how do they impact ranking in SEO.

What are Blogger meta tags?

Meta tags are small snippets containing text that gives a short description of about the page's content. The meta tags are visible to search engine bots and on Search engine result page (SERP), they don't appear on the page. In short meta tags are important little elements that help search engines to know what a web page is all about. Few examples of meta tags are meta title, meta description etc.

What is search description in blogger?

Search description, also known as meta description. The meta description is a short para of text added in the HTML of a blog or website which gives a short description of its content
The meta description appears under the web-page's URL in the search engine results page. A meta description is an important element for any blog or website as it helps search engines know about the content of post or website. 

Why should add meta description in Blogspot?

A meta description is the first thing that any user sees on the SERP. So a good search description can increase the chance of more clicks to your blog or website. It also helps to improve ranking in search results.

Are meta descriptions considered as a ranking factor?

According to Search engine giant Google, meta descriptions are not considered as a ranking signal. So it's not necessary to add it. However, including it will help you to improve the click-through rate, so it is a good option to use meta description in your blog or website.

How do I write a meta description?

Follow the below checklists to write perfect SEO optimised meta description for Blogger.
  • Keywords: Add your target keyword at least once in the meta description. Search engine highlights the focus keywords if it finds the user query in your meta description.
  • Writ readable copy: Often people do keyword stuffing in meta description which is very bad and has a negative SEO impact. So make sure that your meta description contains informative content which can help a user to identify what type of blog you write.
  • Length: Meta description should be no longer than 160 characters long. If your description is too long or more than 160 characters than search engines will not show your description it will just show (......). Make it a habit of writing your meta description of fewer than 160 characters.
  • Avoid duplication: Meta descriptions should be unique for each and every page. Google will penalise your blog if you copy the same description for different pages of your blog. So avoid duplication and write a unique and meaningful meta description for every single page of your website or blog.

How To Add Meta Description In Blogger?

Follow the below steps to add meta description in Blogger
  1. Log into your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Scroll down and click on Settings and then click on Search Preference.
  3. There you will Description option under Meta Tags which is disabled by default.
  4. Click on edit button and click on Yes and enter the meta description content of your blog.
  5. Once you add the content, click on Save and you are done.
Guide On How To Add Meta Description In Blogger
NOTE: The above method will add a meta description for your blog home page and not for your post and pages in your blog.

How To Add Meta Description in Blogger post and pages?

Follow the below steps to add meta description in Blogger post and pages.
  1. Go to Posts section and open any of your posts or else click on add new post.
  2. There will be an option of Search description on the right side of your post editor, click on it and enter the description you want to add for the blog post.
  3. After adding the description click on done and publish your post.
  4. Select the Pages section and repeat the same steps mentioned above to add meta description on Blogger pages.


I hope you all found this post on how to add meta description in Blogger helpful. If you find any issues regarding this post then do comment below. Thanks for reading...

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