2 Step Guide To Add H1 Tag In Blogger 2021

How to add h1 tag in blogger

Searching for How To Add H1 Tag In Blogger for higher website positioning? Right here you'll find out about how to optimize your Blogger post with H1 tag for higher website positioning.

Before moving ahead let's understand why H1 tag is important for SEO of any website or blog.

    What is H1 Tag?

    Generally, there are total six types of Heading tags, Starting from H1 it goes down to H6. H1 tag is an HTML tag that's used as the biggest heading. H1 tag is heading of your content or paragraph..

    Recently Search Engines give more priority to H1 tag post titles for better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and website ranking.

    In WordPress themes/templates, post titles are optimized with H1 tag but in blogger template generally post titles are optimized with H2 tag which is not even better for good SEO and website ranking, so it is very important to add H1 tag to blogger template.

    How To Add H1 Tag In Blogger Post

    Follow these 2 steps to add H1 tag in Blogger:

    H1 tag blogspot

    1. Open any blog post or article in a blogger.
    2. Click on Paragraph Format option and select H1, It's that easy.

    Note: This method will only work if you have updated to the latest Blogger. If you are using old version first update to the new version.


    I hope this informative stuff might be helpful for you if you are confused about the Blogspot H1 tag.

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