How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts In Blogger

An SEO friendly blog post will rank higher in SERP. Here are few tips on how to write SEO friendly blog posts in Blogger/Blogspot.

Often people ask how to convert a normal blog to SEO in Blogspot. They should know writing optimized blog posts in Blogger for the readers and search engines requires talent. Writing an effective blog post can be time-consuming and challenging. One needs to smartly choose and write about a topic that keeps the reader engaged.

Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts In Blogger

An SEO friendly blog post with high-quality content is more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages. In simple words, if you wish to improve your website or webpage’s search engine rankings, you need to improve your writing skills and develop high-quality content.

Before you start writing a blog post it is important to do keyword research. It is the first step of SEO.  If you want to rank high in the search results it is important to determine which words are usually searched for products or services similar to yours. Try to focus on these target keywords and write topics around the keywords. 

Keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner can show what users are searching for and how popular the queries are.

Tips to write SEO friendly blog posts in Blogger:

  • Create effective headings:

Headers in a blog post help Google’s web crawlers to know what the blog and its content are about. The H1 should give a quick overview of your blog. 

The H2s, H3s, H4s are subheaders that help break down the content on the blog. They should include high-intent keywords, that will help improve the chances of ranking much higher on the SERP.

  • Enhance the content for featured snippets:

Featured snippets on Google offer direct answers to search queries. For your content to earn a featured snippet it should have direct answers to questions asked on Google.

 For example, the question is "How do you write a blog post?" To ensure your content is featured, the content should include sentences like “To write a blog post you should….”

  • High-quality content:

Many times in order to fulfil all the SEO guidelines the written content may lack the quality or not be good enough to answer the user’s query. The best way to rank high on search engines is to write high-quality blog posts.

  • Include keywords in the meta description:

To give a blog post the required exposure, it is important to add meta descriptions to the blog post. Google crawlers crawl through the meta descriptions to determine search rankings. Here is an easy guide to add meta descriptions in Google Blogger/Blogspot.

Meta descriptions are concise descriptions of the blog post and are found underneath the page title of a result. Use one or two keywords in the Meta description, keep it short and interesting.  

  • Add alt text to images:

Alt text helps Google to determine what the photo and the blog are about. The alt text should be descriptive and include the main keyword. The narrative of the image should be aligned with the blog post.  Your images should be less then 100kb you can use compress image to 50kb for this purpose and can optimize your images.

  • Don’t stuff keywords:

Never stuff keywords in your content to optimize it. Try to find natural fits for the keywords, do not oversaturate the post with unwanted keywords. 

 Stuffing keywords can spoil the reading experience for the readers, this will signal Google that the post is not meeting the requirements. Instead, try to add LSI keywords. You can read this guide by Ahref to know more about LSI keywords.

  • Link building:

Building links to reputable websites offer the readers additional reading material. Internal and external links to your blog posts show search engines that you’ve done your research.

  • Write long, in-depth posts:

One may believe that writing short and crisp blogs will hold the attention of the users however, Google prefer long, in-depth blog posts. The longer the blog post, the higher will be the clues available for the search engine crawlers to determine what the blog is about. 

Long blogs may become monotonous and tiresome for the readers. You can make them interesting by breaking down the content into bite-size, scannable parts. Break down long sentences and keep the paragraphs to three-four sentences only. 

Use bullet points, they make the content look interesting and easy to read especially on mobile devices.

  • Optimize images: 

Google prefers fast-loading pages as they improve the user experience. Images are an important part of any website or blog. They take time to load if the size is large and this can have a negative impact on your site or blog SEO. 

So to load the website faster, one has to compress them as images can increase the size of the pages, slowing them down. Compress your images to ensure the page speed is not affected. You can use online image compression tools such as Tiny JPG

Other than compressing, you should convert your images to webp format. You can use this tool to convert images online.

Other than this you can also Lazy load images. Visit our blog on lazy load Blogger to know more about lazy loading images. 

Final Words

Before writing a new blog post on Blogger, spend time on keyword research and have clarity in mind about the topic and content you want to write.  

Follow the above-mentioned tips to create SEO friendly blog posts in Blogger that will rank high on search engines. If you have existing blog posts that are not performing well, work on their SEO and make the required changes.

Publishing high-quality content that is SEO friendly will ensure the traffic will flow and improve the rankings.


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