11 Free Tools For Bloggers To Increase Content Quality

Blogging tools are very important to maintain good quality content. In this post we are sharing 10 Free Tools For Bloggers To Increase Content Quality
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Blogging tools are very important to maintain good quality content. Everyone is looking for quality over quantity. You are building your authority when you provide good and informative content in front of your audience.

And making authority is better than you. More authority, more trust. So the question is how to create quality and informative content?

The answer is simple. Use Free tools for Blogger and make your content better than ever. In this article, we are going to share the 10 best free tools for Blogger

If you want to get the full benefit then read the complete content carefully. Without further delay, let’s do it together.

10 Free tool for Blogger

  1. Google search console

Google Search Console is one of the useful tools used for SEO. Everyone loves SEO including me. If you’re not using Search Console, you’re making a big mistake. Someone is visiting your site and none of your content is showing up there, just imagine what’s working.

Setting up with Google Search Console is no big deal. Read this post on XML sitemap to connect your site to Google Search Console and to submit your site to it.

If you submit your site to Google and you are creating good quality content then chances are Google will show your site on top.

And your visitors will keep increasing day by day. Isn’t that good? So if you are not using it then go for it and start using it.

  1.  MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the biggest free mail servers that will provide you, 2000 subscribers. Easy to install or set up.

Providing value using mail is increasing your chances of being visited on your website. Marketers often use mail to provide value. And you can also use this way to get a better user experience.

Bloggers are using mail servers to share their valuable content. Open your computer/laptop, sign up for Mailchimp and install it for your website. Then provide the value. That’s all. Hope you understand that this is not rocket science.

  1. Quicksprout

As I told you earlier, providing accurate and valuable information gains site authorization. Getting accurate information for your website is not an easy task.

It takes more research and energy. Sometimes we get stuck when we search for accurate information.
But today we are going to make it easy with a simple website or you can call it magic for information.   Quicksprout  is another free tool for Blogger which will give you huge information on related topics.

  1. Quora

Quora is a great platform to submit questions and get answers. If you have any question put it in front of quora user and they will suggest you a great answer.

Take the answer which is suitable only for your topic. It is quite difficult to get the idea, especially if you are a beginner. Now you don’t need to worry about your thoughts.
There are great ideas for your topic. Take those ideas and make a good post for your audience/visitors.

If you are a niche blogger then that idea you already have, work on it. And you can improve your post using quora. Quora shares good quality ideas. Don’t copy their content just use their ideas.

  1. Grammarly

Finding it hard to write good quality English content? Visit Grammarly website and sign up for free if you want you can get paid version. After Sing Up, install and activate their extension on your browser. Now you can see the magic. 

You are writing a post on your WordPress dashboard and you have made a spelling mistake. If your spelling is wrong, you may see a red signal.

Now you can check spelling just by clicking on it. And the main opportunity is that you can fix them using just one click.

Hope you get my point, why am I adding this tool for blogging resources. If you use Grammarly properly, you have a good writing hand.

  1. Toggl

It is quite difficult to maintain a timetable especially when you are a newbie. Time table takes up a huge room to put 100% effort.  

Not only the timetable, if you want to know how much time it will take to complete a task then you have to use the tracker. It will give back to your productivity.

The tracking tool helps a lot in overcoming that to maintain productivity. You can easily solve productivity, time management, effort problems just by using the toggl. Toggl is a productivity maintainer.

If you are doing project work then this tool can easily tell you how much time your work will take. The client will love you and you can get 5-star feedback. Isn’t that good? I know.

  1. Memegenerator

Have you ever imagined how you can make a meme to make your visitor laugh? Not only fun but you can also create infographics.

If you want to use an infographic to provide your audience information in a picture you have to pay or you can use Microsoft PowerPoint.

But my point is to do with a meme generator. You just have to be smart. It’s not a problem, whether you’re using mem or not. But my friend meme has different options to take photos.

Suppose you have a picture and you want to add some text to the image then you can easily do it using a meme generator. But if you are not using meme generator, then you are using print software which is Windows 10 or later.

If you are a beginner, things should be easy, not complicated. So Regenerative will be very useful when you are searching for blogging resources

  1. Gimp

GIMP is an online tool that gives you photo editing opportunities for beginners or later. Photo editing is an essential part of blogging. 

Photo editing is not a free service. If you want to use any offline software then you have to pay. But in GIMP you have every right to edit any photo without any money.

You can download your edited photo with high quality. There is a lot of photo editing software but some of them are free. And Gimp is one of them.

But GIMP is better than other free photo editing online software. There are so many benefits of GIMP for bloggers that why GIMP is a great blogging resource.

  1. Answerthepublic

About 5 months ago, when I was writing a post, that post had only a few headlines. To get rid of that problem I have found a tool named Answerthepublic

This tool is really amazing for a headline generator, especially when you need a meaningful title. Blogging is not a small fish, it is a big dog forum.

Just enter your topic and answer the public will create a lot of questions and titles for you and they are really meaningful. Take a topic, paste it into the search bar and get a great title.

Blogging resources are coming with many tools and software including offline and online. Most of them are paid but some of them are free and really very are great.
Answer Public is one of my favorite tools. Hope you like it.

  1. Smallseotools 

One of the most common mistake that beginners commit is copy and paste. Most novice bloggers copy and paste other people’s content on their websites.

This is really bad. Google will definitely take down your site. If you want to get rid of it then you can use Small SEO Tools. Many a times, it happens that the content you write is plagarised. In that case, you shoud use plagarism checker tool to improve the content and also to improve Blogspot SEO.

But you can watch it for free, your content unique or copy. Write content, copy your written material and paste it into the plagiarism box and click on the plagiarism checkbox. They will check with billions of data and say, what percentage of your content is unique or copy.

Not only plagiarism but they also have 25+ tools to check your content. 25+ tools combined with a single tool and it is one of the best blogging resources.

  1. Buzzsumo 

You are blogging and you want to know a particular website, just copy and paste the URL of that website in the search box.

BuzzSumo will provide you all the data after analyzing that particular website. Buzzsumo is the best for social sharing. This tool will tell you about all social engagement and it will help you a lot.

Not only social sharing they will provide you with trading data, keyword research opportunities, data analysis, etc.

You can sign up for their 30-day opportunity. That website will give you the opportunity to filter if you sign up for 30 days.

One of the cutest themes is that you will get an idea generator option and it is really awesome if you are a blogger. If you are searching for blogging resources then you can check out the benefits.


We have shared the top 10 free tools for bloggers that will increase your overall content quality. Besides, you can use FotoJet to edit your photos, or use RecordCast to edit your videos to get high quality content for your blogs. Doing the best use of them can make your blog different from others. 

Blogging is not a quick scam. You have to put your best to grab the best results. Every time you don’t need to access the premium version, sometimes you can use the free tools for bloggerst o make something different. If you have any other free tools, then do comment below, I would love to add them in this post.


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